The Curiosity Shoppe at Target

Last night I had a real moment during a Target run. En route to the cat litter aisle I stopped in front of an end cap of charming, colorful, vaguely mid-century/uber-Americana housewares. Turns out it was one of the famed, limited-time collections that everyone probably already knows about: San Francisco-based The Curiosity Shoppe, "a quirky mix of clever things." And so many quirky, clever things! I tried to convince myself for a half-second that I needed a milk jug, but of course, no, so I left without. But aren't they cute? My Target tends to have many of the special collection items longer than other stores, and on clearance too, so I'll be keeping an eye out for a road-map cake stand that I love/need like a hole in the head.

curiosity shoppe

1 comment:

  1. indeed.. how curious. Too bad I already have enough stuff I need to get rid of or I'd keep a closer eye on these.


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