What I Didn't Buy

preppy prof

I went into Target yesterday with the sole purpose of buying trash bags. I went in with blinders on, intending to head straight to the housewares section. Ten minutes later I was in the dressing room with these guys. And it was one of those odd days when everything you try on fits and flatters.

I had a lengthy inner monologue with myself, justified and bargained, but ultimately, Reasonable Liz won out. She can be a real jerk. I left these goodies behind for another day.

I should note that this is the second time in a row I've walked into Target and purchased only the one (boring) item on my list. This means I've either cured my $60-of-random-crap-per-trip habit or that I'm due for one massive Target binge fest. Scary.


  1. Wow! Excellent accomplishment.

    I don't know what they put in Target air that transforms my usual tightwad self into a spendthrift, but I'm also working on the spend-less-than-50-bucks-on-Target-crap self-improvement plan.

    Unfortunately, this new initiative mostly just leads me to buy 200 bucks worth of sale items from J Crew that I justify as "investment pieces". Baby steps, I suppose.

  2. That jerk face Liz needs to share her wisdom! Your bank account thanks you. Now mark those goodies on the target website and watch for them to go on sale ;)

    1. My bank account would have smacked me in the head if I went through with all my Target wants! Ahh, off to the website to sale-stalk!


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